8.85 miles outside in 1:18:53 – felt good to get outside for a while. Strange that it seemed easier than the treadmill lately.

A couple solid laps around the neighborhood this morning, continuing my push to get back to higher mileage.

There was some fresh snow and a few very uneven areas where some drifts started to melt yesterday and refroze. But other than that winter running conditions were good – not much wind and temperatures were bearable. (that being said the predicted above freezing temperatures for this week are going to be glorious when they get here…)

Ran very well and felt strong. Both laps were fairly consistent for speed and required effort. Surprisingly the speed I was going and effort I was putting into it felt much easier than the equivalents on the treadmill lately. I’m not sure why that is but I my current theory is that the new treadmill is actually set up to provide a workout a bit tougher than the equivalent outdoor run. If it is that would be great – makes that treadmill an even stronger training tool and when I start to get to run outdoors more I might be able to surprise myself!

In the end the 2 laps took my 1:18:53 – not PR pace by any means but still very solid. I’m quite pleased with the run today!

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