8.85 miles in 1:22:37 outside earlier this morning – pretty pokey today. Mental game wasn’t strong today.

I did a couple laps around the neighborhood this morning – both laps were a minute or two off of where I expected to be for a slower run. My mental game was definitely not there today – I need to focus more and get that back properly.

Run was also probably slowed by some poor (but tasty) diet choices yesterday making me a bit sluggish.

Overall not a horrible run but not where I would like to be – I will get it back, just maybe not as fast as I would like.

I also had a run on Thursday night I didn’t blog or tweet about – 5 miles in 37:55 on the treadmill. Again not too bad a run – I spent a good 25 minutes at a steady 8 mph near the beginning of this run. So a glimmer of hope there – something I can build on for sure.

Next is a 20 miler planned for tomorrow…it might be a bit too far a reach at the moment but I will see where I can get to. Even 6.5 miles would put my May mileage so for over my full April mileage. I am getting there.

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