8.85 miles in 1:22:28 outside – sunny and warm morning! Right into the pool after done the run!

Got a late start for the run this morning – sun was up and strong when I got started. It has been a while since I have had a warm morning to run in so I enjoyed it and didn’t push too hard. Could feel the impacts of the heat on my performance though. I will need to remember to bring liquids with me on even medium length runs for the summer!

Right after I got the run done I hopped in the pool for 20 minutes to stretch out the legs and get some resistance exercises in for the upper body.

I also got back in the pool for about an hour tonight to hang with the kids.

Today we also went to see our son’s end of year concert for his music lessons – he did awesome in front of the crowds! The kids’ swimming lessons are done for the summer too, and only a few more days of school – summer vacation is coming up fast!

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