8.85 miles in 1:19:04 outside. A little cool but it looks like we have finally turned the corner toward spring!

Just a nice steady run today – 2 laps around the neighborhood. It was a little cool outside but not so bad that I couldn’t wear shorts and just a long sleeve shirt. Whoohoo! I didn’t need layers!

The run was good and strong – not particularly fast for the most part but I felt great and so did my legs. Which after how rough the beginning of the month was I am quite happy.

I did try some speed outside as well for the last mile or so. I pushed a pretty solid 8+ mph for about the last 3/4 mile. It felt good!

I also forgot to post a run Thursday night on the treadmill – 6 miles in 43:57 – a very good hit of speed work to build my confidence and test my limits after being sick. I am recovering pretty well from what I can tell.

I will probably look at doing a 13.1 mile run tomorrow to check endurance as well. It may not be smart to do as it is a week tomorrow until my next half marathon race (the WPS Half here in Winnipeg). But the confidence of knowing I can still do a half after the issues at the beginning of the month will be worth it.

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