8.85 miles in 1:18:40 on nice sunny morning – just relaxed and enjoyed the movement

No running yesterday but I did spent a good couple hours in the pool with my brother and the kids. I did some swimming pool resistance training while I was in there as well as 12 minutes of deep water running with my Aquajogger vest. It felt good to work the legs without pounding the joints.

The run this morning started a bit later than expected (up late with a backyard fire and a few beverages). With those few beverages I knew a fast run wasn’t likely to be in the cards so I figured I would just settle in and enjoy the run and the quiet.

I did 2 laps around the neighborhood – the first faster than the second by a little bit but pretty steady paced overall. Not worrying about speed work for a change felt pretty nice. That seems to be the way my runs go – outside are about distance and steady pacing and treadmill runs are about pushing speed barriers. It’s a pretty good mix that seems to work well for me.

Long run tomorrow – 13.1 miles planned but might go longer if I am feeling it.

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