8.85 miles in 1:18:31 outside on a beautiful evening – hamstring felt very good. Almost back to normal but still need to be careful!

A very solid run tonight outside – beautiful temperature with just a slight breeze – perfect night for a run!

Unfortunately I can tell the mosquitoes are coming though – got bit twice earlier this evening outside talking with the brother-in-law. Man! It seems like it has barely thawed here and we are already seeing mosquitoes? Ahhh Winnipeg!

Felt good for the full run – no issues with the hamstrings at all but I could still tell there was some tension there so I will continue to be very careful at this point.

The swimming pool seems to be helping me keep the leg moving and flexing without putting too much tension on – helping to stretch out the hamstrings without risking more damage.

If things continue to improve as they have I should be back to normal sometime next week well ahead of the upcoming Manitoba Marathon on June 15th! This is a very good thing.

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