8.85 miles in 1:16:59 on a cool and rainy day – felt strong – only 9 taper miles left until Manitoba Marathon!

Last medium to long run before the Manitoba Marathon – felt very good – time seemed to fly by and I had no issues with my knee or hamstrings. Feeling positive for a new PR on race day!

It did rain a few times while I was running but it was pretty light and I never got soaked. It actually kind of felt a bit refreshing.

So far I am also managing to keep my weight in check during the taper period – I tend to gain a couple pounds during taper but I seem to have that sorted so far.

Not much to say today but over the next week I expect I will have a new training schedule up that will cover 2 half marathons this fall and my ramp up to the Dopey Challenge in January.

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