8.15 miles in 1 hour @ 1% – wrapped the knee to make sure it didn’t cause any issues and kept things steady – good run

Right after work today, I spent a half hour in the pool splashing around and doing swimming pool resistance training (arms and chest) before supper.

Since I had had issues with my knee yesterday I made sure to put a brace on it before I got on the treadmill tonight. I’m glad I did…it hurt for a bit around mile 7 but I was able to work through with the support from the brace.

The run was solid – after a few minutes slow to warm up I picked up the pace and kept things at a solid 8.2 mph until the 30 minute mark. At that point I did a minute walking and then pushed back up to 8.2 for 10 minutes and then 8.3 mph to finish out the hour. This gave me 8.15 miles for the hour. Even with the knee issues this was a good run.

It was nice to get that confidence builder in as I have been feeling a bit burnt out this week.

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