8.04 miles in 1 hour – that felt awesome! especially considering I had a massive headache an hour before getting on the treadmill

Yep – a massive headache while I was in the pool with my daughter about an hour before I was going to run. It had to have been something I ate today causing it, whatever it was at least it disappeared before I had to get on the treadmill.

And in the end it was a very good run. I started out doing a 5 minute warm up at 7.5 mph and then I bumped my speed up to 8 mph and kept it there for 20 minutes, then I did 2 minutes at 9 mph, 1 minute at 8 mph and then 2 more minutes at 9 mph. At this point I decided to walk for a minute and then put my speed in at 8.2 mph and kept that there for 14 minutes. I then backed off to 8 mph for 10 minutes. This took me to 55 minutes and I knew I needed to get a bit faster than 8 mph to hit 8 miles for the hour at this point so I did 1 minute at 9 mph, 1 at 8, 1 at 9, 1 at 8 and then finished off the last minute at 9 mph. This put me over 8 miles for the hour (8.04 miles).

I felt great through the whole thing, focused, not metal barriers to break, and no issues with my knee or leg. Cool. I will take that any day.

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