7 steady miles on the treadmill in 58:54. Going to start slowly increasing daily mileage through the week.

I managed to get in a couple sets of swimming pool resistance exercises tonight while I was in the pool with our daughter for a while before she went to bed.

After she was tucked in I got started on the treadmill – I figured I wanted to go steady and fairly strong to build back up some endurance and get used to spending lots of time moving (not every run can end in 30-40 minutes after all).

So I started out at 7 mph and went solid for 30 minutes before taking a 1 minute walk break. I then kicked it up to 7.2 mph until the 45 minute mark and then pushed up to 7.5 mph to finish out the 7 miles.

I was half tempted to keep going in shoot for 10 but it was already getting pretty late and I need to get to bed tonight early tonight and try to get caught up on my sleep. I was pretty wobbly when I took the dogs out at 5:20 this morning and I maybe got back to sleep for 30 minutes more before I had to get up for work. If the dogs are going to keep doing that, then I need to start getting to bed earlier and using that early morning time to get some summer mileage in!

We’ll see how that goes.

I’m still trying to determine what my training plan will be for the 12 hour Lemming Loop in October but I am pretty sure it is going to mean pushing over 200 miles a month for the next 3 months. That is a big leap over what I have been doing but if I can be careful and keep the speed work to a minimum and take the slow runs easy, it should be possible. But I will need to keep a very close eye on how I am feeling to make sure I’m not over training!

Again…we’ll see how that goes.

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