7 miles in 56:24 on the treadmill tonight – start of the rebuilding plan begins in ernest

First day of my new plan to get back in shape for the spring and even though I had a pretty rough day and didn’t get started until late, I figured I couldn’t screw up and had to get the miles in.

And if I was going to do it, I was going to try to push a bit to rebuild my cardio level at the same time.

First mile was at 7 mph and then from there I bumped the speed up 0.2 mph every mile until I did the last mile at 8.2 mph. There was one minute of walking in there but other than that I was able to make it work. Final time for the 7 miles was 56:24.

The last mile wasn’t pretty but it got done.

Day 1 done – keep pushing.

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