7.5 miles in 57:29 on the treadmill – feeling pretty good but more than a little lacking in motivation

My treadmill is down for repairs right now so I got on the wife’s tonight and I just really wasn’t feeling it. I did do 7.5 miles in the end with some speed work up to 9 mph but it really felt like I was just going through the paces and not truly pushing myself. That is something I am going to have to work on. October has been a long rough month at work and I am going to be happy when it is done and things settle down a bit.

I didn’t put up a post for my Sunday runs – did a 13.1 mile run outside in 2:00:37 (just taking it easy and letting my mind wander a bit) before I ran out of time to do some family stuff. Got on the treadmill later in the evening figuring I would get another 5 in but the treadmill tripped out again at 2.2 miles shutting things down.

I won’t be running on that one again until it gets repaired – looks like just under 600 miles before failing? Ouch – ┬áthat being said it looks like I averaged over 8 mph for those 600 miles. I don’t think when they put the ratings on these things they expect a 220 pound man to hit greater than 8 mph for very long…

Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to fix but until then I will be doing a fair bit of work outside (yay there were flurries today!) and then the indoor miles on our old treadmill that my wife Heather has claimed. I will try not to break that one…

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