7.5 miles in 57:15 – decent push as I get ready to freeze my ass off this weekend at the Hypothermic Half marathon.

Switched back to my Hoka One One Cliftons to get in a medium distance run on the treadmill tonight. I was wanting to get in a longer run as a confidence builder heading into the Hypothermic Half Marathon this weekend that I decided to sign up for yesterday.

Run was good, maybe a little rough since I haven’t really been training much or well since the Dopey Challenge ended…but still not too bad in the end.

I keep looking at the weather for the weekend though and wondering what the hell I was thinking. It is going to be bloody cold (-32 C / -26 F without any windchill factored in) and it will mostly be on trails with maybe some fresh snow coming before the race. It is going to be interesting… I’m still trying to figure out how many layers of clothes I am going to need.

Hopefully though the race will give me the push I need to get my butt back in gear and training solidly again. Yesterday I also signed up for the Winnipeg Police Services Half Marathon (WPS Half) on May 3rd. I want to be in good shape for this race for maybe a push at a new PR at the half distance. To do that though I need to get my head back in the game and get the miles in with some solid focus!

Right now I am also tempted to sign up for the Manitoba Marathon (full) on Fathers’ Day but I am holding off on signing up there until I see how the WPS Half goes. If I get the new PR at the WPS Half then I will do the full at the Manitoba. If I get close to a new PR but don’t quite make it at the WPS Half then I might do the half at the Manitoba to take a second run at it. If I miss by a fair bit then I might do the full and focus on more speed through the summer for an attempt at my half marathon PR in September or October instead.

I also had a quick email chat with the gentleman who runs the Lemming Loop race here in the city (with 24, 12, 6 and 3 hour loop races) and he confirmed that the race in October will be held at the same facility it was when I did it in back in the fall. That facility had been an emergency replacement for the normal park where the race was run but feedback has been so positive that they are now moving it permanently. I really liked the facilities as well and I am starting to seriously look at doing the 12 hour run again with a mind to force myself to get over the 50 miles this time (the 49.2785 miles from Oct 2014 is irking me a bit).

Lots of thoughts and options coming up, but I need to get my head out of my ass and get focused again. So that needs to start now!

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