7.5 miles earlier today – didn’t get out early enough to avoid the heat so on the treadmill I went

I have been fighting a bit of a flu the past couple days (had a fever on Wednesday) but have managed to get in my scheduled runs. Until this morning that is. The flu is now down to just a cough and I woke up around 2:30 am coughing like crazy and nothing seemed to make it stop. Pretty brutal. I had taken cough syrup around midnight before I went to bed but it had obviously worn off and it was supposed to be good for 8 hours. So I couldn’t re-medicate with that. Halls cough drops did nothing either. Finally around 4 I gave in and grabbed some flu medication I was avoiding using since it had medicine for a bunch of symptoms I didn’t have any more but I figured it should help for the cough…or at least knock me out so I didn’t care about the cough anymore.

I popped those and they slammed me hard and I was out by 4:20 finally.

At around 6 I heard the dogs and they were to be my cue to get out and get my scheduled 10 miler in before the heat got brutal (here in Winnipeg today we had temperatures within a degree or two Celsius from what it was in Orlando – so freaking hot and humid). But I couldn’t get my ass out of bed – the meds were still working strong and I fell back to sleep before I could even try to convince myself to get up. Luckily my wife (who sleeps like a rock) heard the dogs and got them out and fed them.

Then around 8 I started coughing again so I sat up in bed figuring I would get the cough to pass and then I would get up. Sitting up relieved the cough a bit and I fell asleep sitting up…I am running a heck of a sleep deficit here and I think my body saw an opportunity and took it.

Finally around 9:30 I got up and checked the temperature to see if running was in the cards – a feels like temp of 31 C (88 F)…nope, not running outside at this point.

So I made a decent breakfast and my wife headed off to her pool maintenance business for a few hours. I figured I would let breakfast settle and then get on the treadmill…I fell asleep again…

Now I finally got on the treadmill at around 4:30 and put in 7.5 of the 10 miles I had planned in 63:36 – I couldn’t go any further because my throat was still raw from the coughing. Brutal but still a decent steady run.

This adds on to 2 other runs I tweeted earlier in the week but did not post on the blog – 10 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday in 82:57 and 10 miles on the treadmill on Thursday in 81:33.

So a decent running week so far – hopefully I sleep well tonight so I can run strong for a long run outside tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes because it is supposed to be even hotter….


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