7.25 miles in 59:53 on the treadmill – taking it easy to see what kind of damage a leg wound from the weekend has done

Yeah – so somehow on Saturday I managed to put a bit of a hole in my left shin…not bad enough to need stitches or anything but it did get a bit swollen and it was not pleasant to move around too much on. Man…my last few months reads like a bizarre string of dumb issues.

I woke up Sunday and assessed things and realized that putting in the mileage I had planned for the day was not likely to be a good thing. So instead I hit the pool and hung out there and had a glorious, quiet hour before anyone else in the house woke up.

Even with missed run I still hit 32 miles for the week. Not where I wanted to be but still quite respectable (especially considering I had some wicked flu going on and maybe a grand total of 20 hours sleep for the week…)

I had thought about making an attempt at some miles last night as well but in the end I figured I better be smart and take one more rest day for the shin.

That brought me to tonight – my brain was deep fried after a long day at work and my legs felt destroyed but I still managed to force myself to get on the treadmill to test out the holey shin.

I started out at 6.6 mph for 5 minutes to make sure things would move the way they should and then I took a minute walk. I then bumped the speed up to 7 mph for 5 minutes before another 1 minute walk. Did the same cycle with 7.5 mph and then with 8 mph. I then finished out the first half hour with 6 minutes at 8.5 mph…which was pretty rough.

At that point I started walking and figured I was probably done…but decided push again instead and went up to 8 mph and stayed there until I hit the 6 mile mark before walking a minute and then finishing out to the 7.25 mile point in 59:53.

I contemplated continuing to shoot for 10 miles but I really didn’t want to push the leg to far so I called it at that point.

Overall it wasn’t too bad a run but I can’t wait to get healthy and training steady again!

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