7.21 miles in 1 hour – still trying to shake the flu out of my lungs but feeling stronger and still pushing

So with me being off work today and the kids in school, today is a day to get errands done Рstuff that has been lingering since before the Goofy Challenge trip and stuff that needs to be done before our family trip to Disney World in a couple weeks.  Still wanted to get a run in early though so put in a quick hour while doing some laundry.

Had a total of 5 minutes of walking and intervals of 7.2, 7.5 and 8 mph to hit a total of 7.21 miles in 1 hour at 1%. ¬†Felt pretty strong but did have some coughing fits that I didn’t have yesterday but it feels like everything is getting loosened in my lungs and hopefully I should be back to normal in another day or 2.

I had thought about hammering out a half marathon distance but there is just too much to get done before the kids get off school, so I will see about maybe adding some extra time tonight after the kids go down and the wife is at curling.

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