7.2 miles in 60 min at 1% for Goofy Challenge – a bit over schedule today but felt really good

I had 4.5 miles scheduled today but decided to pull a full hour instead and had a decent run of 7.2 miles.  I had a few minutes of walking in there but most of the running was at 7.5 or 7.2 mph with a 5 minute stretch of 8 mph right at the end.  It felt really good.  That leaves just 17.5 scheduled miles left in 2013 and a total of 48 left for training for the Goofy Challenge at Disney World in January.

Looking at my magical tracking spreadsheet it looks like I am going to be just shy of 1400 miles for 2013 if I hit all my scheduled miles – like 3.85 miles shy…hmmm I don’t have any plans for Monday night…might just have to clean that up…

The irritating thing is the number of miles I missed earlier in the year (in the late spring) heading into the Manitoba Marathon.  If I had done those I would be well over 1600 miles for the year.  I will go into more details in a year end recap post coming up but thought I would mention it here too.

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