7.06 miles in 49:00 on the treadmill – felt very good but a slight knee twinge near the end

I had 5 miles scheduled tonight but after a bunch of time in the pool (including some resistance training) before supper and a half hour walk with the wife and kids after supper, I was feeling pretty energized. So I decided to go pretty strong and see where I got to in the 45-50 minute time frame.

I did no walking and I was constantly ramping my speed up before bringing it back down to a steady pace before ramping up again. I hit 10.2 mph for 1 minute which is the fastest I have gone in quite some time.

At about the 48 minute mark my knee started acting up and I pushed on for an extra minute to see if I could get it to settle but in the end I stopped at 49 minutes with a very respectable 7.06 miles. A good run but I will have to watch my form more closely to keep the knee issues away.

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