6 mile shake out run after the Manitoba Marathon – 43:55 – tons of energy! Whoohoo!

After supper tonight I spent an hour in the pool playing with our daughter while the wife had our son at a birthday party. I did a bunch of swimming pool resistance exercises for the upper body while in the pool as well and made sure to get the legs all stretched out.

After we got the kids to bed I then hit the treadmill planning to do a minimum of 4 miles but hoping to get 6 in. I figured I would take it easy as I didn’t know what kind of condition my knee was going to be in. I didn’t need to worry in the end – it felt great and I had no issues at all.

I started with 5 minutes at 7.2 mph, then did 15 minutes at 8 mph, 5 minutes at 8.5 and 5 minutes at 9 mph. I backed off a bit and did 5 minutes at 8 mph, 5 at 8.5 and then a minute back at 8. I then pushed out the rest of the time at 9 mph to hit the 6 mile mark. Very strong run – I felt like I had a ton of energy, cardio was strong and no issues with my legs after being pounded on the weekend.  Excellent! All those miles I put in training have paid off!

Now to keep motivated!

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