6.7 miles in 51:43 @ 1% – and with that I make it 175 miles for April – 1 more training run before WPS half marathon on Sunday

A good solid run tonight – right knee wasn’t happy for a bit in the middle of the run but seemed to settle out. I will have to watch that on the run tomorrow to make sure I don’t aggravate it before the WPS Half Marathon on Sunday. The shoes I am currently using on the treadmill are at just over 320 miles and my last set I replaced at around 350 miles – so these shoes might be about done but I was hoping to get a few more weeks on the treadmill out of them. I have another treadmill set that are broken in as well so I might try them tomorrow night and see if that helps the knee any. If it does then my current set are done and I continue on with the backup pair. I guess I will see tomorrow.

I did the run tonight at 7.5 mph for the first half hour, then did a 1 minute walk and then went into intervals alternating between 7.5 and 9 mph. Solid time of 51:43 for 6.7 miles.

That puts me at 175 miles for April – 25 miles less than March but I am only 3 miles less than scheduled for the month. So the difference is just due to how the schedule worked out and not because I was slacking off.

So far things are looking good for my first race of the spring on Sunday (the WPS Half Marathon). I’m still not sure how fast I will be but have no worries about finishing. ¬†Looking forward to seeing where I am in a race situation!

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