6.2 miles in 43:01 at 1% incline – awesome push not sure where that came from – gives me a total of 9.3 for the day –

Didn’t have time this morning to get in the full 9 miles I had scheduled for the day before Heather had to take our son to curling lessons.  So I hammered out a fast 3.1 miles in 21:59 @ 1% incline expecting to get back to run the remaining miles scheduled tonight.

By the time we got the kids to bed I was pretty burnt but forced myself to get on the treadmill figuring I might not get in all the miles I needed to hit the schedule for the day but I would at least get something done.  Not sure where it came from but I was able to push hard, like really hard.  In the end I did 6.2 miles in 43:01 – phenomenal push considering I am still fighting this bloody cough.

Felt strong the full run and did not walk at all – did alternating minutes at 8 and 9 mph – with some 2 minute and 3 minute 9 mph stretches.  Feels good to be able to push!

I have a half marathon distance run planned for tomorrow – from there I have several more runs this week that I will be pushing hard for as I want to build a bit of a bugger before vacation starts next Saturday!  With tomorrow’s run I have a total 31.5 miles before vacation.

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