5 treadmill miles tonight – running streak continues – so far 76.5 miles for the month. Improving!

I posted a few of the run streak runs on Twitter but haven’t posted on the blog here for a few days, so time for a recap!

The last run I posted was on the 14th so:

15th – 1 easy mile at about 11 pm – just sneaking the run in after 6 hours of laying new flooring in the family room.

16th – 4 afternoon miles on the treadmill – was not up for the -40 weather for an outdoor run. Run was basically a progressive speed run and I averaged 7.5 mph for the overall run.

17th – 5 miles on the treadmill in the evening – started it slow because I had a rough headache and figured I would only pull off a mile. I slowly started to feel better and I started to speed up as I did. Headache finally went away after about 2.5 miles and I was able to push pretty well through to the end of the run. I started at 6 mph with the headache and finished up at 8 mph.

18th – 2 miles broken up with several distractions – I thought I would run longer on this one but I was doing some computer repairs at the same time and had to keep starting to click a button and then get back on the treadmill. Still, it would have been easy to stop after a mile and just finish up the repairs so sticking it out to 2 miles was win.

19th – 5 miles with some decent pushing – hit 9.2 mph on the treadmill for a 2 minute stretch. Not where I once was but that was a very good push and it felt good to feel the burn.

Overall that keeps the run streak alive and I am at a total of 76.5 miles so far for the month. Compared to 2014 that isn’t a huge number but compared to most months in 2015 it is pretty damned good. 2016 is definitely off to a positive start.


  1. Bill says:

    Off to a good start Ted! Keep it up.

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