5 miles treadmill miles tonight – brings April to 50 miles. Mileage decimated by illness early in the month. May will be better!

Tonight’s run was 5 miles in 38:10 on the treadmill – I gave a bit of a push but not too hard. I have a half marathon race on Sunday (WPS Half) and I don’t want to hurt myself no matter how badly I want to crank the mileage and speed back up.

Looked at my total mileage for April and it pretty much sucks – 50 miles – my lowest mileage month since I started this blog in September 2012. I did 175 miles last April to put things in perspective.

March 29th was the last day where I had mileage in the double digits and it does make me concerned about how well I will do in the race on Sunday. But I can’t do much about it now!


The illness I had early in the month just kind of crushed me for a while and it has taken me time to recover. I feel good now but need to rebuild confidence. Maybe after a few miles in the crowd on Sunday my confidence will return, if not maybe I will blow apart. I just don’t know at this point and between now and then I need to get my head strapped on right!

One thing that will help will be running with our kids on Saturday. We are signed up for a 2k race at our kids’ elementary school – I will run with our son and Heather will run with our daughter and since the forecast looks nice that day I am really looking forward to just doing that as a family event. And then hitting the backyard pool after!

Ok – so now, how do I get May on track and get my crap together? My goal had been to try for a half PR this weekend and if that didn’t work shoot keep pushing hard to try again in 7 weeks at the Manitoba Marathon. At this point though, I can’t see any way of hit that PR and I’m not sure pushing for a fast half will motivate me to put in the miles I think I need. With that in mind I suspect that I will be signing up for the full at the Manitoba Marathon instead and train like mad to try to finally bust under a 4 hour marathon. That at least will motivate me.

It should also help distract me from looking at the Disney World Marathon site and noticing that the Goofy Challenge isn’t full yet….damn…not this year though, not this year. Sigh.

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