5 miles tonight on the treadmill tonight – decently strong run tonight. Also recap of last week of running.

It has been tough getting runs in the past few weeks due to various visitors and house guests and tonight was no exception. The summer heat can limit runs but the socializing this summer seems to be doing more damage!

Tonight was no exception but I forced myself to get in 5 of my planned 10 miles. I took the first 10 minutes easy at 7 mph and then bumped the speed up to 7.4 mph for 7.5 minutes. I then pushed the speed up again to 8 mph for 12.5 minutes. I took a 1 minute walk before pushing the speed up to 8.2 mph until I hit the 5 mile mark. 39:38 in the end.

A decent run and a good leg stretch.

Last week I had a few runs that I tweeted but didn’t write up:

Thursday – 10 treadmill miles in 82:02 with 1 minute of walking

Saturday – 13.1 miles in some heat outside – slower run hampered by running out of water at about mile 10 making the last few miles pretty rough in the heat. 2:13:28 – not speedy for sure but it felt good to get it in. Felt very good after the run.

Sunday – 19.1 miles in weather that got a fair bit hotter than I expected. After running out of water the day before I made sure I had a lot with me for this longer run attempt even though it wasn’t quite as hot. I still ended up running out of fluids too early even though I had almost 2 liters with me – lots of fluids and I still lost 4.5 pounds on the run. Ouch.

In the end this run took longer than I had hoped and I ran out of time to finish up the planned 20 miles before friends came over a small pool party my wife was throwing.

After I was done I ended up having to put down a bunch of liquids and lay down for 15-20 minutes to let the body absorb. Even still I had a few leg cramps when I got up – nothing too major or permanently damaging but definitely showed that I did not drink enough.

Looking back at my notes from last year and the same length of run usually had me carrying about 3 liters of liquid. Makes sense – I will carry more on the next long slow run!

Overall that was 42.2 mile week which is great – I am still rebuilding my mileage and the 2 decently long back to back runs was a major confidence booster! Basically even during Goofy Challenge and Dopey Challenge training 19 to 20 mile runs were normally proceeded with 10 mile runs not 13.1 – so very solid. Based on that, I could probably pull of a Goofy or Dopey Challenge right now – it wouldn’t be pretty but it could be done…that helps my confidence and my mindset.

So training continues with increased focus!

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