5 miles tonight in 40:30 – one of my last runs before the 12 hour Lemming Loop on Saturday

Yay! I managed to suck it up and get on the treadmill tonight!

I did get some mileage in this weekend but not many – I was up most of Friday night / Saturday morning with stomach cramps and didn’t get much sleep Saturday night either. I ended feeling ok most of Sunday but felt crappy again for a good chunk of Monday afternoon. That seems to have passed at least.

Some positives from the weekend:

  • the dogs ran great – they are getting the hang of the leash and seem to be working together as a team when they run (not going all over the place but focused on moving forward. Buggers are fast too – Garmin clocked us up over 12 mph for a little while (like maybe 15-20 seconds). So if nothing else they will be able to help me with speed work outside…
  • the super blood moon was great – we had barely any clouds, no wind and a super view from our back yard. We were able to have a fire, roast marshmallows and the kids even got a swim in! Beautiful night. (made the sub freezing temps this morning extra crappy)
  • we managed to get a lot of swimming in – which was great considering the temperature has now definitely taken a dive and we will be shutting everything down soon.

The run tonight was fairly positive as well. I was concerned at first as my device that I use to play videos while I am on the treadmill had crapped out so I had to figure out some other way to amuse myself.

I decided to try out one of the built in iFit courses on the treadmill using what is essentially Google Street View on the lcd display. I picked the Monterey Trail as it was just a touch over 5 miles and that fit with what I wanted to get done. It was pretty cool – it had varying positive and negative inclines which kept me paying attention and focused. The incline went from a low of -3 to a max of +4 – a pretty good workout.

All in all it actually kept my attention and I was able to run quite well finishing out the just over 5 miles in 40:35. Not too bad for an easy run.

I will probably run tomorrow and Thursday night as well – each most likely at around 5 miles – to keep the legs stretched out for the 12 hour Lemming Loop on Saturday without running the risk of injury.

I am going to post something a little later this week to cover my thoughts and plans going into the Lemming Loop so stay tuned for that.


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