5 miles tonight in 39:27 on the treadmill – Gave the new Hokas another go – definitely liking them so far

I had 10 miles on the schedule tonight but with making the decision to do the 12 hour Beaudry Lemming Loop on the weekend I figured I better rest the legs a bit and backed off to 5 miles.

I took it easy at a steady 7.5 mph pace until I hit the 30 minute mark and then bumped the speed up to 8 mph. Just relaxed and enjoyed the movement – it felt good.

Tried the Hoka One One Cliftons again tonight on the treadmill – still really loving the feel – my legs barely feel like they have done anything after the 5 miles. Cool!

I’m still looking to organize my drop bag, etc for the run on the weekend but I have a pretty good idea of what I am taking – I will just have to pack it up Thursday or Friday.

I think I am still in a bit of shock that I signed up so I am pretty calm about the whole thing so far – it will probably become pretty real Thursday or Friday as well – probably right around when I am packing my drop bag.

Ahhhh….the things I do to myself.

Monthly mileage with tapers and injuries comes out to 153.49 – about 9.71 miles short of my schedule. Next month will be higher…especially if I do well on Saturday!

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