5 miles tonight in 39:11 – clean run included 16 minutes at 8 mph – felt good to push a bit!

At this time in 3 weeks I will be hitting the sack in Disney World, hoping to get some sleep before the first race of the Dopey Challenge! Getting exciting now!

I started out tonight at 7.2 mph on the treadmill and did that for 5 minutes but then got bored so I bumped it up to 7.5 mph for 5 minutes. At that point I wanted to push a bit harder still – so cranked up the treadmill to 8 mph and went with it. Took that for 16 minutes before I backed off to 7.5 to finish out the remaining 13 minutes or so for my 5 miles.

I haven’t been able to push for a while because of concerns that the treadmill couldn’t take it but I figured I would give it go tonight and hope for the best. Definitely felt good to unload a bit at higher sustained speed. If just to remind myself that I can!

I also did a 5 mile run last night on the treadmill that I didn’t have time to post up on either Twitter or here on the blog – it took me 38:55 last night – I was a bit faster yesterday than today but I didn’t do the same kind of run. Yesterday I started out at 7.2 mph and bumping it 0.2 mph every minute until I spent a minute at 8.8 mph and then went back to 7.2 to start again. Did that twice and then finished off the remainder of the run at around 7.4 mph or so. That run felt pretty good too!

Overall I am feeling strong with just a slight twinge in my knee occasionally that I am watching closely.

I am also feeling very motivated right now – which is good considering I am about to go into my last Dopey Challenge dry run before taper begins. It is going to be a pretty high mileage weekend but it will feel good to have it over and sorted heading into Christmas.

Gotta keep on pushing!

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