5 miles tonight in 36:50 – started out figuring I would end up walking but surprised myself

It has been a few days since I posted so a bit of recap to start:

– ran 10.1 miles outside Saturday morning with some great weather.

– weather turned by Saturday night and we got snow, ice and very high winds (strong enough to knock one of the puppies over when a gust caught him) lasting through until late Monday. Between that and not feeling very good I didn’t get in my long run on Sunday.

– Plague running through the family and missed my Tuesday night run as well – NyQuil and treadmill running is probably not the safest combination.

– Wednesday night I got the timing right with the cold meds and found a window where I could breath and felt safe being on the treadmill. Got in 7.03 miles in an hour.

And that brings us to tonight – pretty tired and burnt out still from the cold but feeling much better. No cold meds since this morning! I really didn’t feel like I was going to be able handle running tonight but I forced myself to get changed to at least try a strong walk on the treadmill, with the hope that I might get the blood flowing and get some running in.

Once I stood on the treadmill though I decided I should at least start with a bit of a run and if it wasn’t working then I would walk and know I tried. So I started off with a minute at 7 mph which felt surprisingly good. Bumped it up to 7.5 mph and still felt good after a couple minutes. Ok. Bumped it again to 8 mph and was able to sustain that for several minutes….was not expecting that. Try once more up to 9 mph and was able to hold that for a minute before backing off to 8 again. …Ok – I guess I’m running – push for the full 5 miles and let’s see what happens.

In the end I did do 2 minutes of walking in there but hit some very good speeds for a minute or 2 at a time and finished out the 5 miles in 36:50.

I am quite happy with that. Very tired, but quite happy.

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