5 miles tonight in 36:23 on the treadmill – puts me just over 115 miles for the month. Improving.

I tweeted it out Sunday night but didn’t get it on the blog – 18 miles yesterday on the treadmill in 2:36:36. I was up early enough to run (darned pups) but was working on less than 4 hours sleep and ended up crashing out again instead. That was at around 5…I ended up waking up around 9:30. I then spent 2.5 hours in the pool with the kids. After lunch I was sitting on the couch yapping with our son while he was building some Lego…I woke up again 2 hours later. Just crashed out solid out of nowhere. Obviously I am lacking in the sleep department will need to fix that up.

After that it was just too bloody hot to try to do a long run outside so I hopped on the treadmill instead. I watched Zombieland (I’ve seen it enough time that I listened to music while I watched it – kept me distracted) – that got me through an hour and a half. After that I put on Disney Marathon videos and watched those until I hit the 18 hour mark.

Short dip in the pool to cool off after that before the mosquitoes chased me back into the house.

That was a very solid run and I never felt anywhere near as destroyed as I did a week before during the Manitoba Marathon. Probably 2 main factors there – less heat on the treadmill and improved confidence after getting through the Manitoba.

The run tonight was 5 miles in 36:23 with 2 minutes of walking and a maximum speed of 9 mph held onto for 3 minutes straight. That is an improvement and I felt good for the whole thing.

I ran the 18 miler in my Nike Pegasus 31s and then tried the 5 miler tonight in them as well. I had to stop after just a minute and swap them out. They are toast at 305 miles Рkinda rough as I was averaging about 330-350 for the Pegasus 30s. Compare that to my Hoka One One Cliftons that are sitting at 450 miles and can still be used. I still love my Pegasus 30s (and I have 2 pairs of those stashed that I am rationing out Рone unused and one around 100 miles currently) for shorter, faster runs. Basically it looks like my summer shoes are going to be my Cliftons for the longer runs and my Pegasus 30s for the shorter speed work and probably mix and match the 2 for medium length runs.

OK – With those 2 runs finishing up June, I am feeling pretty good going into July. Going to have to crank up the miles!

June mileage total is 115.12 miles over 15 runs.

Overall I am glad June is done and I can focus more on getting the long distance runs in.

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