5 miles on the treadmill tonight – taking it easy and nursing the knee I tweaked a bit in the slush on Saturday

After slightly tweaking my knee on Saturday in the slushy snow, I ended up skipping a planned 18 miler yesterday. It was not a decision I made lightly and there were 2 main factors in play:

  1. my knee was aching a bit when I woke up – I could have run on it but 18 miles would have been asking to truly injure it…
  2. especially since it had been hovering near freezing overnight with a light misting rain – in other words the slush that tweaked my knee the day before was still there – sometimes with a fresh icy crust! Lots of other slippery areas as well.

Under other circumstances I probably would have gone for the run but I am way to close to the Dopey Challenge to get truly injured now.

So I think it was the smart move to not do the run…that doesn’t make it any easier mentally though!

…OK – so tonight’s run then… not a schedule run but I needed to do something. So I hopped on the treadmill and took it easy. I ended up with 5 miles in 40:38 – not super fast but also not super slow – basically it was a hard enough run to get the blood flowing without risking the knee.

All in all, the run felt good and my knee came out in good shape.

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