5 miles on the treadmill – first run since the Lemming Loop and cold tried to rip my lungs out…

Yeah, so…if you read my Lemming Loop 2015 recap post you know that I had a bit of a head cold the day before and the morning of the race. By the end of the race everything seemed fine though with only a bit of a sniffle left. However late Sunday I was coughing like crazy – the cold moved from my head to my lungs. Yay!

I went to work on Monday but really wasn’t that productive since I couldn’t stop frickin’ coughing. I thought about running but wanted to give my body another rest day after the Lemming Loop and I figured the cough wouldn’t have made it that good a run anyway – so I passed on the run that night. Then I wasn’t able to sleep properly and ended up taking both Tuesday and Wednesday off of work and barely moved my ass off the couch. I had a pretty good death rattle coming out of my lungs there for a while. Again, no running those days.

I made it back to work on Thursday but was pretty exhausted after supper and I ended up falling asleep on the couch instead of running…not a good pattern going here…

Friday night was swimming for the kids and, even though I was feeling quite a bit better, it was just too late to run when we got home. I ended up being tired enough that I was in bed shortly after we got home.

That brings us to today. My wife had some stuff going on most of the day and I didn’t end up getting up early enough to get a run done outside before she had to leave – so I had to postpone the run and finally just got it done on the treadmill.

I decided to take it easy and just do a half hour – I wasn’t sure what my lungs were going to do and I wasn’t sure where my legs were since I hadn’t run since the Lemming Loop.

Overall it ended up going pretty well. My legs felt great – no issues or aches and pains at all. My lungs were ok but I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do proper speed work today. In the end I rolled out 5 miles in 44:30 at a 1% incline and I am pretty happy with that.

I will have to try a longer outdoor run tomorrow to see how that goes.

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