5 miles in 41 min @ 1% – no time to get full 8 scheduled miles in tonight – will have to do that run tomorrow now

Wednesday nights our kids have music lessons and we end up basically running around with them from when I get home from work until 8 o’clock or so and then by the time we get them to bed I am kind of pooped.  Plus there really isn’t time then to get in what I usually have scheduled as an hour or more run and still get to bed at a decent time.

I had missed my run last night because of family being over so I knew I couldn’t miss tonight too – in the end I managed to force myself onto the treadmill but I didn’t go very hard.  I eeked out 5 miles in the end in 41 minutes and called it for the night.  I have more time tomorrow night so I will count tonight’s 5 as a replacement for tomorrow’s scheduled 4 and do my 8 that I should have done today tomorrow instead.

I have had issues a few times getting these medium-long runs in on Wednesday nights lately and I always seem to be moving them around or not getting them done.  So I am going to have to look closely at my schedule and see if it makes sense to permanent move these runs to Thursday instead (at least until summer and music lessons are done for the season).

I’m just not sure what that will do in the end for the weekday runs though – I usually do a hard, fast run on Tuesday, medium-long run on Wednesday at a more controlled pace and then hit Thursday hard with another short, fast run.  If I switch Wednesday and Thursday then I do 2 days of speed work back to back which might not be all that great.  If I switch the second one to hill work instead that may work out.

Putting the med-long on Tuesday might work too but that carries a risk as well – I could then potentially be doing a 10 miler two days after doing a 20 miler and I’m not sure that would give me enough recover time.  Also Tuesday seems to be a day I occasionally have to skip runs for other responsibilities and if I start missing the med-long runs even after moving them, then what would be the point in moving them in the first place?

Hmmm – will require some thinking and some experimenting I think.  Most likely next week I will swap Wednesday and Thursday runs and see how that works for me.  Time to adapt and persevere!

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