5 miles in 39:56 @ 1% incline – steady test of repaired treadmill. Both the treadmill and I survived

Decent run on the treadmill tonight even with a headache plaguing me through most of it. I didn’t want to push too hard after putting in over 30 miles over the weekend – plus I repaired my treadmill on Friday and I wanted to make sure it was solidly functional before I tried to kill it again.

I spent the first 10 minutes at 7.2 mph and then bumped up to 7.5 to finish out a half hour followed by 1 minute of walking. I then did 2 minutes at 7.5, 2 at 8, 2 at 8.5 and then finished out the almost 3 minutes at 9 mph. Overall I felt good (besides the head ache) with only a slight twinge in my right knee.

I still have to write up my runs from the weekend but I did 4 days of running back to back outside this weekend and to still be feeling good on day 5 is a pretty good indication that I am doing pretty good here.

The weekend write up should be out shortly.

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