5 miles in 38:48 on the treadmill – hamstring still acting up – glad tomorrow is a rest day to rest and stretch it!

Once again my hamstrings are aching – I’m still not sure if it is the chairs in the course I have been in or if I pulled something on Tuesday night’s run. Either way tomorrow is a rest day and I am finished the course so I am hoping to be able to work out the kinks before the weekend.

On the treadmill tonight (holy crap did it rain tonight – ditches filled and the water went fully across the road on some sections of our front street – our pool came up 3-4 inches in less than 2 hours – haven’t seen that kind of rain here in a long time (if at all)) but the hamstring issue wouldn’t let me push very hard.

I basically alternated between 7 mph and 8 mph for the whole scheduled 5 miles – I would come down to 7 when the leg would twinge or if it started to ache and then I would push back up to 8 once it felt better again. I was hitting 8 mph for around 5-6 minutes maximum but it would take 2 minutes or less to recover at 7 mph. So it wasn’t the fastest time by any stretch but it was still decent and it got done. 5 miles in 38:48 @ 1% incline with no walking breaks.

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