5 miles in 38:47 on the treadmill – fairly steady pace trying to train a faster default pace (no intervals today)

Overall not too bad a run tonight. I started with a slower steady pace and worked my way up to 8 mph at about the 5 minute mark and then stuck there for the remainder of the 5 mile run (with 2 x 1 minute walk breaks).

I can get through 5 miles faster than that by doing intervals but the idea tonight was to try to train myself to sustain higher speeds for longer periods without breaks. I’m not tossing out intervals (I will be doing them on my 5 miler scheduled for Thursday) but I want to train the brain and body to have a higher default / resting pace as well. Combined with the intervals, this will help me rebuild my endurance a bit and should help with getting my half marathon time back down.

The idea is to get myself back to where I was back in the fall where I could hammer out 8 miles in an hour with a fairly steady pace. As always right now the big question is how long that will take to recapture. Won’t know the answer to that tonight but each run gets me closer!

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