5 miles in 38:42 – looks like no permanent damage from the Hypothermic Half on Sunday – felt good!

My legs were definitely beat up pretty hard after the Hypothermic Half on Sunday – in fact they felt way worse than after the full Dopey Challenge in January!

Sitting at my desk at work certainly didn’t help on Monday, so I did a leisurely walk on the treadmill Monday night while I watched The Walking Dead (approx 42 minutes and 2.4 miles). That seemed to help stretch out the legs.

Sitting at my desk today though I could definitely feel things tightening up again so I knew I had to give a decent push tonight to remind my legs that they know what they are supposed to do!

So tonight’s run I started out at 7.4 mph and every 4 minutes I bumped the speed up another 0.2 mph maxing out at 8.4 mph. After that I backed off to a steadier 8 mph with a 1 minute walk break thrown in at around the 30 minute mark and a few other individual minutes at 7.5 mph. In the end I pushed out 5 miles in 38:42 at 1% incline. Not my fastest but still a good push in the end considering how drained I felt.

I will take it for tonight but it is now time to ramp it up! Next race is the first weekend of May – the WPS Half marathon (Winnipeg Police Service half marathon) – and I want to hit that one hard!

Hopefully the race on Sunday got my drive back and I can put in a couple very strong months of training for that race!

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