5 miles in 38:27 on the treadmill – legs are feeling a bit beat up on the treadmill so set it to have a bit more give

My legs have been feeling a bit beat up this week and it seems to have to do with the treadmill. A good solid run on uneven terrain over the weekend didn’t have the same result so it does seem to go back to just the treadmill runs.

The treadmill has settings for making the running surface more or less firm and I have been using it at full firmness to better mimic outdoor running on pavement and cement but maybe it is too firm? I backed off the firmness for the run tonight to test things out and see what happens.

It did seem to help – the run tonight was a strong one┬ábut my legs feel pretty decent compared to the last 2 nights. The big unknown will be how they feel tomorrow morning. I’m betting pretty good at this point.

So maybe that issue is solved and I can concentrate on effort on the treadmill instead of worrying I am going to break something.

Five miles tonight in 38:27 – a good chunk at 7 mph, a few minutes at 7.5 and most of the rest at 8 mph with the last 27 seconds done at 9 mph. No walking.

I’m feeling good and I am looking forward to logging several outdoor miles this weekend.

I might also get a couple miles in tomorrow night – new deck and belt has finally shown up (been waiting since December) for our lighter duty treadmill that my wife mostly uses and I will probably do those repairs tomorrow night. I will then need to put a few miles on it to make sure I have the belt aligned, etc so that my wife can use it on the weekend. I will be glad when that treadmill is finally back in full working order!

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