5 miles in 38:01 on the treadmill – run started off a bit rough but ended well

Was basically exhausted tonight but managed to get my butt on the treadmill in the end.

Once I finally got started, I found the treadmill had way too much bounce to it. It has a knob to increase or decrease firmness and I thought I had it set firm but apparently not. After a bit of playing I discovered that the knob needed some extra brute finesse to get it to move to the firm setting. I did that and got back on and got going again.

With the treadmill set more firm I was able to push a bit harder and eventually settled into alternating between 7 mph and 9 mph with the longest push at 9 mph being 2:10.

It felt very good to be able to push harder, it also felt good to realize that I still could!

Starting to feel motivated again!

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