5 miles in 38 minutes tonight. Small victory tonight since I almost didn’t run. So tired after the kids’ swimming lessons

I had a bugger of a time convincing myself to get on the treadmill tonight. Just exhausted after a long week. The kids’ swimming lessons tonight after supper didn’t help either – just wanted to curl up in bed and read. But I managed to convince myself to at least do a little bit.

So small victory there.

Started out doing 20 minutes at 8 mph and then I walked for a minute. Almost got off the treadmill there but convinced myself to get going again. To help motivate myself I did my 1 min slower / 1 min faster / 1 min slower / 2 min faster cycles- helps keep the brain active. And basically pushed that out to 36 minutes when I bumped down to 7.5 mph to ride out the remaining few minutes. Finished up 5 miles in 38 minutes.

Pretty decent considering I had no desire to run at all.

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