5 miles in 38.5 minutes – decent strong run. Feeling good going into the WFPS Half on Sunday!

Haven’t posted anything in a few days so here is a bit of a recap:

Oct 11th – Saturday – 10 miles outside – legs were trashed after and realized that the shoes I was using were at 340 miles when I was done – maxing out at around 320/330 lately with that type of shoe. Apparently when those shoes are done, they are DONE.

Oct 12th – slept in way late – very unusual for me and it cost me my 18 miler that day but all things considered I probably needed the sleep. Still, I did manage to do a bunch of yard work getting rid of a bunch of chores going into fall.

Oct 13th – day off and got in 4.45 miles in the morning to make up a few of the lost miles yesterday – was a nice run outside.

Oct 14th – started on a 10 mile run on the treadmill but the breaker tripped and I ended up stopping at 6 miles. Not sure what is going on with the treadmill – it is well lubricated and I can’t find anything physically wrong with it so I don’t know why it is crapping out. Was pretty pissed after I finished off though and my foot slipped on the edge of the treadmill deck causing me to reach out to a shelf to steady myself…and then I knocked my Lego Millennium Falcon off the shelf. That is going to take some time to fix…

Oct 16th – 5 miles tonight in 38:30 – treadmill breaker tripped on me again after 4.15 miles and I finished off the last 0.85 on the wife’s machine. I don’t have another treadmill run scheduled until Tuesday so I will have some more time to investigate the machine to see if I can figure out what the problem is.

Only a few training miles left now until the Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Services Half Marathon (WFPS) on Sunday. This is my last race until Dopey Challenge at Disney World in January and I want to do well. That being said I am not hugely motivated to go crazy on the race and hurt myself either. So I’m not sure what my plan will be for the run besides to finish but I will be thinking about it and hopefully know what I am doing before I toe the line on Sunday morning!

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