5 miles in 37:54 on the treadmill at an increased incline – trying to work the legs a bit harder

So after the slower than hoped for half marathon on Saturday I have decided I need to start pushing a bit harder on my training runs. One the first things I am going to try is to up the incline on the treadmill. I usually run at an incline setting of 1 (as is recommended on many sites to mimic things like wind resistance, etc) but I am going to try for a bit at 1.5 to strengthen the legs a bit more.

I could definitely feel the extra effort for that extra 0.5 but it wasn’t extremely tough – harder work but could still do some speed. So I will do a few weeks at that setting and then look at maybe bumping it another 0.5 as I get stronger. I will of course watch my speed training to make sure I am not using the extra incline as an excuse to not try to go as fast.

Things went well tonight as a first test run. Even with having run that half marathon race on Sunday and some time in the pool tonight I was able to push a decent sustained speed with the increased incline. Legs feel great and feel like I pushed. That makes for a satisfying run for sure.

Definitely looks like something I am going to keep trying to do but will monitor it to make sure I’m hurting myself in the process!

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