5 miles in 35:26 @ 1% – time limited tonight so pushed hard – felt awesome to move!

I only had a bit of time to run tonight so I had to get my 5 miles done fast.  With that in mind I decided to push a bit harder than I have been to see things fell.

I basically ran 5 minute cycles where I would do 1 minute at 7.2 mph, 1 minute at 9.2 mph, another minute at 7.2 and then finish with 2 minutes at 9.2.  And then I would continue on to the next 5 minute cycle with no break.  This got me pretty close to 5 miles at the 35 minute mark and instead of starting a new cycle at 7.2 I stayed at 9.2 to finish out the 5 miles.

It felt really good – I still feel strong after the run and could have kept going.  That is a good feeling.  It also means I can probably push a bit harder on my next 5 miler – time to start finding where my boundaries are.  It is just 5.5 weeks until the Winnipeg Police Service half marathon and I want to have a bit of an idea where I am and what I need to focus on to finally break my half marathon PR. But so far it is looking positive!

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