5 miles in 35:24 on the treadmill – good push trying to get some speed back

Felt strong tonight! I was able to push really well and never felt like I was dragging my ass. That was a nice switch.

Started out doing 7.5 mph and 9 mph 1 minute intervals and quickly bumped it to 8 and 9 instead. My legs got a bit tired but cardio wise things were good. Lets me know that I should be able to start pushing even harder to get some more speed back in the legs.

Definitely a good thing to see that I am also starting to recover – I think 2 half marathons and a 12 hour damned near 50 mile run in 4 weeks was a bit much. I really felt like I was dragging my ass on my training runs and so far it looks like I am going to be behind on my scheduled mileage for the month. That isn’t a good thing but it can mostly be attributed to the 12 hour run which wasn’t originally in my schedule so even though it was a hell of a run it drained me pretty good and I missed some other runs because of that.

With the strong run tonight though I am optimistic for November – time to hammer hard for the last 2 months of training going into the Dopey Challenge!


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