5 miles in 34:44 – very strong run tonight despite some knee pain about a mile in

I am off work tomorrow so I was tempted to bump tonight’s run to tomorrow morning but in the end I decided to get it done tonight to make sure I have time to do a bunch of yard work tomorrow.

I was feeling pretty tired most of the day and I was thinking about just doing a slower run but since I had done a bit of slower run yesterday I knew I should really try to push the pace tonight…so I slammed a coffee and got ready to get on the treadmill.

Then I remembered that I still needed to lube the treadmill belt since the machine was squawking at me yesterday when I finished up. Took the 15 minutes to do that and test the machine out, cleaned up and finally got going…by now the coffee was in the system!

If Tuesday night’s run was my fastest at 5 miles on the treadmill then tonight was #2. Very strong push and felt really good cardio wise.  I did have some issues with my knee about a mile in where I was worried I was going to have to slow down or maybe even stop. But it worked itself out and I was able to keep going. No walking at all and I did my low speed / high speed interval sets again with my slowest speed being 7.5 mph and my fastest getting up to 10 mph.

Definitely happy with the run tonight and I am looking forward to getting some runs in outside this weekend as the weather is supposed to be warmer again (after the cold snap through the week – was well below freezing last night).

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