5 miles in 33:23 – hard speed intervals – I would think I was dead right now if my heart wasn’t beating so fast

I haven’t done speed intervals in the past couple weeks as I have been trying to build up a stronger steady pace but I knew tonight that I needed to really give a push.

I started out with a minute at 7.5 mph, then a minute at 9, back to a minute at 7.5 and then 2 minutes at 9 mph. I repeated that 5 minute set a second time and then upped the ante. One minute at 8 mph, 1 at 10, 1 back at 8 and then 2 minutes at 10 mph. I then repeated those 5 minute sets with no break until I hit the 32 minute mark – at that point I did 30 seconds at 8 mph and then upped it to 10 to finish out whatever time it was going to take to hit 5 miles. In the end it was 33:23 at 1% incline on the treadmill.

I think I have gotten over the energy drain of the stomach flu…

Rest day tomorrow (well rest from running – I think I have a bunch of painting to do after I get off work tomorrow evening) and then I have back to back 13.1 mile runs scheduled for the weekend.

I am thinking about trying to get in a really long run on Sunday since the one I tried to do last weekend fell apart with a stomach bug. Going to be a very hot and muggy weekend though so I’m not sure how wise that will be.  I guess I will figure it out on the weekend!


  1. Bill says:

    Dopey training! Love it! Wish I had the speed and endurance to run with you in January. Awesome job – keep it up

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