5.9 miles in 51:55 – knee was still an issue and compensating for that gave me a massive leg cramp. Yay!

I was supposed to do a 10 mile run today and I started out relatively slow since I wanted to make sure my knee was ok since it was hurting during and after the run yesterday.

The knee did hurt for about a mile or so but it was more of an ache…but I must have been running funny to compensate for it because the back of my right leg cramped up something fierce. I was able to keep going by slowing down and throwing in some walking but it was not pleasant.

At around 4.5 miles the leg cramp seemed to have gone away but then the knee went off. At that point I stopped for a bit and did about 5 minutes of walking. Once everything settled down I tried again at a slow speed and got a bit further but the leg cramp just got worse again after that.

I basically had to decide if it was worth it to do a long slow slog to finish out the 10 miles or call it and hope I can get healthy for the weekend. I have a 5 miler planned for tomorrow, a 10 for Saturday and a 20 for Sunday. I need that Sunday run to go ahead as my last long run before taper begins for the Manitoba Marathon.

In the end I decided I had to let the run go. One of the important things a runner needs to learn is when something is uncomfortable and when something is actually hurt – and I had progressed to the point where something was going to get hurt.

I am disappointed at this point but still hopeful. Cardio wise the run was beautiful, I am ready for the distance, I just need to do it without hurting myself!

I will see what happens tomorrow but I am prepared to let the 5 miler slide as well if it will get me healthy for the weekend. Fun times!

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