5.38 miles in 39:55 on the treadmill tonight to finish out 150 for March. April = more!

Definitely a very solid run tonight with some time spent up near and at the 9 mph point. Frankly I just really wanted to get the run done tonight and get on to other things!

It certainly took some work tonight to get motivated but after about 10 minutes I settled in and managed to get pushing. This is one of those times where doing treadmill miles helps me…I didn’t really feel like pushing but as long as I could force myself to bump the speed up 0.1 or 0.2 mph every minute or so then I could make myself really move. Then once I got the heart rate up and the blood flowing it was much easier to motivate.

Feeling good and strong, if a bit tired after 150 miles this month (with over 90 of those miles in the past 2 weeks) – I only pulled off 75 in February and around 100 in January (including the Dopey Challenge). So that I still feel strong and healthy is a very positive outcome for the month. But it also shows I still have a lot of work to do to get back up to my peak – I haven’t been under 150 miles in a month since last June (besides Jan and Feb this year) so even though 150 is a positive it shows room for improvement.

Let’s go April!

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