5.35 miles in 40 min and then 20 minutes in the pool = energized!

Tonight I hit the treadmill while the wife took the kids into the backyard pool – this gave me some incentive to get through the run fairly quickly so I could go join them.

I did a 5 minute warm up at 7.5 mph and then did most of the rest at 8 mph with some stretches at 9 and 9.2 to get to 5.35 in 40 minutes. One of my calves felt tight but didn’t cause any grief, no issues from my knee or hamstrings though so that seems to have passed for now. Overall a good run.

Right after that I hopped in the pool to cool off and hung out for 20 minutes cooling down and doing some minor resistance exercises – that definitely helped the legs.

Rest day tomorrow! Whoohoo! Unless it doesn’t rain then it is lawn mowing day and my legs will get some working out after all.

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