5.25 miles in 44:51 outside – decent attempt at some speed work outside even though there are still some snow and ice areas

Looks like it will be at least a week before our treadmill gets fixed (at least it looks like it is still on warranty so that is nice at least).  With the snow over the weekend I wasn’t sure I could get a decent run in outside but city crews had cleaned some of the path I run on with it getting just above freezing today a 1.35 mile chunk of my running loop was mostly clear for running.

I ended up doing a total of 5.25 miles running up and down that stretch and several portions were clear enough to let me try some faster running as well.  So I didn’t really get a speed interval run in like I would have done tonight on the treadmill but I did get in some some faster pacing which was nice.  There were some sections I had to slow down for because of ice and drifted snow but even with that the 5.25 miles was done in 44:51 giving me a pace faster that 7 mph which is faster than I have been doing my outside runs lately.

Feels good!

Tomorrow’s run is going to be a tough call though on what I will do – I have 10 miles scheduled tomorrow and I’m not sure how that will go with probably not being able to even start until well after 8 pm on Wednesdays.  I think what I will have to do is basically copy tonight’s run tomorrow and then do the 10 miler on Thursday instead – essentially swap the Wednesday and Thursday night runs.  I will then have Friday off running and then Saturday and Sunday are 10 and 20 miles respectively.  Both those runs were planned to be outside anyway but current forecast is for those days to be damned cold so I will have to see what happens as I will not have the treadmill as a backup plan for those days.  Fun fun.

But – I will adapt and I am feeling good and strong – so while these bumps might slow down my progress I don’t think they will set me back to much and I should still have a solid shot at my PR on the full at the 2014 Goofy Challenge.  Gotta keep pushing!

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