5.22 miles tonight takes me to 1171 for the year – 800 less than last year. Ouch. Year recap in the post.

The 5.22 miles I ran on the treadmill tonight takes me to a total of 1171 miles in 2015 – 800 less than last year. With a combo of illness, injury, tanked motivation and flat out laziness I certainly got a lot less miles in this year.

I had indicated at the end of last year that I wanted to back off a bit and run a bit smarter – but I didn’t intend to do that the way it happened! And I don’t think I could consider the way I backed off as running “smarter”.

That being said I did have some great events and got to do some pretty cool things this year:

There were 2 very important running events for me this year – the Dopey Challenge in January and the 12 Hour Lemming Loop in October. I feel great about both of those events. I met and broke all my timing goals at Dopey Challenge and had a blast. And at the 12 Hour Lemming Loop I was able to break 50 miles (50.33) – not too shabby for a guy at around 230 pounds!

I also feel pretty impressed with myself with how I did during the Hypothermic Half marathon in February – it was bloody cold for that one (so cold that they did an emergency course change to reduce the safety risk to the runners) and even though I wanted to quit and walk off, I still managed to finish strong.

Other than that the other races for the year were pretty awful. Between illness and minimal training my race times took a beating. I am frankly surprised that I was able to finish my last half marathon of the year at the end of October in under 2 hours.

All in all, the year was definitely not a write off but it was certainly a major step back from last year. Look for a post on the blog tomorrow where I lay out my goals and plans for 2016…redemption will be mine!

Happy New Year everyone!

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